Yorkiedoodle Puppies

February 12, 2017 (Midnight, Tiny, and Amos were spoken for immediately; as of this moment, Greta is still available); see pictures below for more details.

We’re happy to announce our first ever litter of Yorkiedoodles. For about a year now, we’ve been planning a litter of Yorkiedoodles. As far as we know we’re the first breeder to intentionally cross a Yorkie with a mini Goldendoodle. We’ve had families ask before if we ever plan to do Yorkiepoos and our answer has always been “no.” We love our mini Goldendoodles and their outstanding temperaments. Although many Yorkiepoos are wonderful dogs we find in general that our mini Goldendoodles tend to be a little friendlier and have a more rounded head. One of our close friends who is a guardian home for one of mini Goldendoodle boys, Jimmy, had been having one litter a year of beautiful AKC registered Yorkie puppies that he usually sold to good friends (and gave to family members). Yorkies usually have really small litters.

He asked if we could try a litter of Yorkiedoodles, crossing his female Yorkie, with Jimmy, the f1b red mini Goldendoodle. Although we were hopeful for a couple red pups in the litter, we still are quite pleased with the 4 pups who were born.

In a nutshell, one boy and girl definitely got the Yorkie looks and two of the girls look just like tiny black mini Goldendoodles. These puppies should be 8-15 pounds full grown. We definitely expect these pups to be low-to-non-shedding. Most Yorkies shed very, very little, and their f1b mini Goldendoodle dad doesn’t shed at all.

We’re planning to do one litter a year of Yorkiedoodles in the foreseeable future. 

These puppies would be excellent for a family of early adopters (who like having the first of something new–you’ll probably never meet anyone else with a Yorkiedoodle). Also a family who is wanting a very, very small doodle.

These puppies will come with all the benefits (all the supplies, same 3 year health warranty, etc) of any puppy we sell at BestGoldendoodles.

In the future; we’re planning to charge $1900 for Yorkiedoodle girls and $1800 for Yorkiedoodle boys. For this first litter we are doing a $500 discount, just to encourage early adopters (and because none of the pups were the red we were hoping for).

Yorkiedoodle Girls

Greta, is very playful, and reminds us a lot of some of our previous black mini Goldendoodles, except she’s even smaller than any of our smallest Goldendoodles have been. She’s just a couple pounds right now, and is full of spunk and constant friendliness.

Greta’s adoption fee: $1900 Yorkiedoodle girl – $500 discount (1st litter) = $1400 (minus $300 deposit) = $1100 due at pickup


Midnight Yorkiedoodle girl (spoken for)

Midnight’s coated started just as dark black as Greta’s (hence the name) as she’s grown, we think her coat will turn into a blue color (which is more precisely a gunmetal gray color). Some Yorkies are tan with a “blue” back. We expect that Midnight will be that beautiful dark silver “blue” color throughout. Her coat is very thick (the picture does not do it justice). At this point it’s more wavy, but will probably get a big curlier as she gets older. Like Greta she’s very small, and extremely friendly. Maybe a bit more laid back than Greta.

Midnight’s adoption fee: $1900 Yorkiedoodle girl – $500 discount (1st litter) = $1400 (minus $300 deposit) = $1100 due at pickup


Tiny, the Yorkiedoodle pup (spoken for)

Tiny the Yorkiedoodle, looks a lot like a Yorkie pup. We feel that her eyes are a bit larger than a typical Yorkie, and we think she will be extra smart (because of the added mini Goldendoodle). She is the smallest of the litter–not even 2 pounds yet. We’re guessing she will be about 8 pounds full grown. Her Yorkiedoodle coat started out the shortest (which is typical for Yorkie pups), but it seems to be getting thicker by the day. We expect she will look a whole lot more like a Yorkie than a poodle. She’s very sweet and loves to be held pretty much constantly.

Tiny’s adoption fee: $1900 Yorkiedoodle girl – $500 discount (1st litter) = $1400 (minus $300 deposit) = $1100 due at pickup


Yorkiedoodle Boy Puppy


Amos the Yorkiedoodle Boy (spoken for)

Amos has brindle coloring, and his coat has some wiry spots around his Yorkiedoodle head. This picture is definitely not the most flattering of him. When he was little we thought he was “cute because he was so ugly” compared to the curly/wavy coats of our typical mini Goldendoodles. The older he gets the thicker his coat gets. He’s definitely got more coat than Tiny, and we’ve seen an occasional mini Doodle have a similar coat where the wiry part of the puppy coat sheds at about 12 weeks, and they end up with a thick gorgeous coat. Amos is wonderful with kids and has a very docile personality. We anticipate he will be 11-14 pounds full grown. He will likely lighten to an apricot brindle color pattern, and we expect that when he is an adult, he will look like a Yorkie with an exceptionally thick coat and an undocked tail.

Amos’ adoption fee: $1800 Yorkiedoodle boy – $500 discount (1st litter) = $1300 (minus $300 deposit) = $1000 due at pickup

February 12, 2017 Announcement: As of today, Gretais still available, but she may not be by tomorrow. Because we’ve never accepted deposits for Yorkiedoodles, we’re opening her up to the general public. So you don’t have to have been on our deposit list to get greta. We have a long deposit list for mini Goldendoodles. We expect Greta to be spoken for right away. Below are brand new pictures of her.

Email ncrocket@bju.edu right away if you would like to come see Greta.








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