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  1. Hybrid vigor (healthier than typical purebred dog)

  2. Low-to-no shedding (especially F1b Goldendoodles)Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (12)

  3. Playful personalities

  4. Great with childrenmini-f1b-Goldendoodles (12)

  5. Highly intelligent | It can be argued that Goldendoodles are the most intelligent hybrid available. In Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs, he ranks 79 breeds based on specific criteria. These were the top 5 breeds: 1-Border Collie, 2-Poodle, 3-German Shepherd, 4-Golden Retriever, and 5-Doberman. Combining the 2nd smartest breed (Poodle) with the 4th smartest breed (Golden Retriever) results in highly intelligent puppies.

  6. One of the few large dogs that does not shed (it is easy to find non-shedding small breed dogs, but much, much harder to find a docile, non-shedding large breed dog)

  7. Like the Golden Retriever you had as a child, but without all the shedding and with fewer health problems because of hybrid vigor

Goldendoodle puppy drinking

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