Standard Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Announcing Our Beautiful Litter of Standard Goldendoodles born July 10.

These gorgeous F1b Goldendoodles should be 55-70 pounds full grown (with the males being 5-10 pounds larger than females on average). These pups will be ready to start going to their forever homes on September 1. All of them will be going to families who have gone through the application process, been accepted, and placed a deposit. We took the pictures when they were five weeks old and weighing 4-6 pounds. They have wonderful friendly personalities. We have named the litter after some of our favorite cities.

Pricing for the Standard Goldendoodle Litter

Boys ($1,000 base price + 200 wavy/curly coat + 200 cream, apricot or caramel color) = $1,400 – $300 deposit = $1,100 balance

Girls are $100 more than boys, so the girls in this litter would be a $1,200 balance (after your $300 deposit)

Standard Goldendoodle Boys

Atlanta male Goldendoodle, apricot (pictures below)

Atlanta Goldendoodle Atlanta-Goldendoodle-booy (2) Atlanta-Goldendoodle-booy (3) Atlanta-Goldendoodle-booy (4) Atlanta-Goldendoodle-booy (5)


Charleston Goldendoodle boy, light apricot (pictures below)

Charleston Goldendoodle Charleston-Goldendoodle (2) Charleston-Goldendoodle (3) Charleston-Goldendoodle (4)


Chicago Goldendoodle male, cream (pictures below)

Chicago Goldendoodle Chicago-Goldendoodle-boy (2) Chicago-Goldendoodle-boy (3) Chicago-Goldendoodle-boy (4) Chicago-Goldendoodle-boy (5)

Hilton Head Goldendoodle boy, cream (pictures below)

Hilton Head Goldendoodle Hilton-Head-Goldendoodle-boy (2) Hilton-Head-Goldendoodle-boy (3) Hilton-Head-Goldendoodle-boy (4) Hilton-Head-Goldendoodle-boy (5)

Jacksonville Goldendoodle boy, light caramel (pictures below)

Jacksonville Goldendoodle Jacksonville-Goldendoodle (2) Jacksonville-Goldendoodle (3) Jacksonville-Goldendoodle (4)

Knoxville Goldendoodle boy, cream (pictures below)

Knoxville Goldendoodle Knoxville-Goldendoodle (2) Knoxville-Goldendoodle (3) Knoxville-Goldendoodle (4) Knoxville-Goldendoodle (5)


Standard Goldendoodle Girls


Asheville Goldendoodle Girl, light cream (pictures below)

Asheville Goldendoodle Asheville-Goldendoodle-girl (2) Asheville-Goldendoodle-girl (3) Asheville-Goldendoodle-girl (4)


Baltimore Goldendoodle girl, light apricot (pictures below)

Baltimore Goldendoodle Baltimore-Goldendoodle-girl (2) Baltimore-Goldendoodle-girl (3) Baltimore-Goldendoodle-girl (4) Baltimore-Goldendoodle-girl (5)

Charlotte Goldendoodle Girl, apricot (pictures below)

Charlotte Goldendoodle Charlotte-Goldendoodle (2) Charlotte-Goldendoodle (3) Charlotte-Goldendoodle (4)

Raleigh Durham Goldendoodle Girl, apricot (pictures below)

Raleigh-Durham Goldendoodle Raleigh-Durham-Goldendoodle (2) Raleigh-Durham-Goldendoodle (3) Raleigh-Durham-Goldendoodle (4) Raleigh-Durham-Goldendoodle (5)

Savannah Goldendoodle Girl, cream (pictures below)

Savannah Goldendoodle Savannah-Goldendoodle (3) Savannah-Goldendoodle (4) Savannah-Goldendoodle (5) Savannah-Goldendoodle (6) Savannah-Goldendoodle (7) Savannah-Goldendoodle (8)


Beautiful F1b Standard Goldendoodle Puppies

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