Red Petite Mini Goldendoodles

December 9, 2016

We’re happy to announce a litter of red, apricot, and cream petite mini Goldendoodles just in time for Christmas! 

Of course, as we always do, we’re attempting to be perfectly fair with the way we announce each litter. Numerous deposit list families have been eagerly awaiting this petite Goldendoodle litter announcement. For families not especially wanting a Christmas puppy, you are definitely welcomed to wait for another petite or mini Goldendoodle litter, as we have several families on the deposit list that are hoping to get a Christmas puppy. If your family is fine with getting your forever family member mini Goldenoodle puppy any month of  the year, you might want to consider passing on this litter of petite Goldendoodles, so another family could receive a Christmas puppy. Because nobody is locked into any specific litter with our flexible deposit system, you have the option to pass on as many Goldendoodle litters as you want.

Our guardian home’s first generation red Goldendoodle mom and apricot mini poodle dad usually produce pups that max out somewhere between 15 and 25 pounds full grown.

This particular poodle mom and Goldendoodle dad always give us beautiful litters that are a little unusual. Their pups usually end up 15-25 pounds full grown and the colors range from cream and apricot to red. Usually about half of their litter have the normal mini Goldendoodle teddy bear look, that we get from all of our other guardian homes, then half of their litter start out short-coated and end up with a straighter coat or stay short coated even as adults.

Below are pictures of two previous pups from these parents when they got older that had the typical curly coat or wavy coat. This is the normal look for our adult Goldendoodles.


What makes these parents unusual is their pups who end up straight coated or short coated. It is definitely a different look, and we charge less for them, because they are not the normal petite Goldendoodle look we are so used to. Some families actually prefer these pups, because (at least in the past) they shed little to none, but they don’t need any grooming (or very little for the straight coated). The curly coated Goldendoodles require a lot of work to keep them groomed, so if you’re looking for a no-fuss option one of the shorter coated might be the perfect dog for you. They often resemble a red mini Golden Retriever that doesn’t shed. Below are pictures of older dogs from this litter (one whose short coat grew straight, and one whose coat stayed short, but non-shedding).


Hailey’s coat grew longer and straighter as an adult.


Murphy’s coat remained dark and short, though it has some curl to it, and doesn’t seem to shed.

This particular parent combo is our only chance for a family to get one of these more unusual short (or straight-coated pups) as this is a very unusual look within our program. They of course are wonderful pets, but we have listed the curly coated pups and the straight coated pups separately in this announcement, as we expect them to look fairly different as adults. For some reason, the shorter coated straight ones tend to end up being the darker red as well.

Although the straighter coated pups end up having an adoption fee that is $600 less, we are not saying they are any less valuable. We recognize that a puppy’s personality and health is more important than looks, and we also realize that many families actually greatly prefer a shorter coated Goldendoodle, because of the saved grooming expenses, and the fact that shorter coated Goldendoodles are much, much easier to keep clean. We also realize (that at least for our program) that they are quite rare and to some people very valuable, because of having a look that is quite unusual for a F1b Goldendoodle.


Wavy/Curly Petite Mini Goldendoodle Puppies


Cody, the Petite Goldendoodle Boy

Cody is a light red color (doesn’t show up well in the picture) with a nice wavy coat and friendly personality.

petite Goldendoodle


Cody’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $400 petite + $200 wavy coat + $300 red color + $200 Christmas pup = $2,100 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,800 due at pickup


Sulley, the petite Goldendoodle boy

Sulley has a thick cream coat and loves to cuddle.

petite Goldendoodle

Sulley’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $400 petite + $200 wavy coat + $200 cream color + $200 Christmas pup = $2,000 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,700 due at pickup



Teddy, the petite mini Goldendoodle boy

Teddy is a gorgeous red Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. Like any Goldendoodle puppy, Teddy loves to be loved.

petite Goldendoodle

Teddy’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $400 petite + $200 wavy coat + $300 red color + $200 Christmas pup = $2,100 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,800 due at pickup


Emma, the petite mini Goldendoodle girl

Emma is a gorgeous red girl with a superb personality. Right now her coat is not quite as thick as Teddy’s or Gracie’s, but it seems to be getting thicker and wavier almost every day; we expect her to be a thick coated adult dog.

red mini Goldendoodle

Emma’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $400 petite + $300 red color + $200 Christmas pup + $100 female= $2,000 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,700 due at pickup


Gracie, the petite mini Goldendoodle Girl

Gracie is a sweet girl with a light caramel coat that looks like it will be quite curly when she is an adult.


Petite Goldendoodle

Gracie’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $400 petite + $200 wavy coat + $200 caramel color + $200 Christmas pup + $100 female = $2,100 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,800 due at pickup


Straight Coated Petite Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Please see the beginning of this announcement for an explanation of the straight-coated (and shorter coated pups) as well as pictures of what they will likely look like when they are full grown.


Sammy, the petite mini Goldendoodle boy

Sammy is a ton of fun and can keep your family in stitches. His tail seems to be wagging non-stop. He does not have much curl at all. You can see some on his ears, so it’s possible his coat will get really curly, but he may well end up looking more like Murphy (see adult picture above).


Sammy’s adoption fee: $1,000 base – $400 short coat + $400 petite + $300 red color + $200 Christmas pup = $1,500 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,200 due at pickup


Molly, the petite mini Goldendoodle girl

Molly has a heart of Gold. Her coat is fairly thick, but has almost no wave or curl to it at this point. She is a wonderful cuddle bug and also very curious. She will make a wonderful family member.

petite Goldendoodle

Molly’s adoption fee: $1,000 base – $400 straight coat + $400 petite + $200 apricot color + $200 Christmas pup + $100 female = $1,500 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,200 due at pickup


Chloe, the petite mini Goldendoodle girl

Chloe is definitely not the alpha of the litter. She seems to have less energy than some of the others, and just wants to cuddle on your lap. She would be wonderful for a retired family or a family wanting a sweet girl who will be loyally devoted to them for the rest of her life. She looks a lot like Murphy did as a pup (see adult picture of Murphy above).


Chloe’s adoption fee: $1,000 base – $400 short coat + $400 petite + $300 red color + $200 Christmas pup + $100 female = $1,600 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,300 due at pickup


Maggie, the petite mini Goldendoodle girl

Maggie and Chloe are great friends, and almost look like twins, though Maggie is closer to apricot rather than red. Maggie is Miss Personality, always wanting to make a new friend. We anticipate that Maggie will look a lot like Murphy as an adult (though probably not as dark).


mini Goldendoodle

Maggie’s adoption fee: $1,000 base – $400 short coat + $400 petite + $200 apricot color + $200 Christmas pup + $100 female = $1,500 (minus $300 deposit) = $1,200 due at pickup

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