Christmas puppies

mini-f1b-Goldendoodles (4)

We are happy to announce today that we have a litter of f1b mini Goldendoodle Puppies available to go to their forever homes the week before Christmas.

For the past few months we’ve been flooded with emails of people wanting Christmas puppies, and we have not yet allowed anyone to speak for any of the puppies in this litter. Now that the puppies are born, we will begin taking deposits on them. They are true minis, and we expect them to be 20-30 pounds full grown.

Before we accept a $400 deposit, we would like to do phone interview (casual conversation) to be sure that your family is a good fit for one of these puppies.

We also want to be sure that the family is on board with a new member. Surprise Christmas puppies are not a good idea if there is not an adult who will ultimately be responsible for the puppy.

Below are the pictures of the last litter of f1b mini Goldendoodles from this guardian home. They found homes immediately, and we had to turn away dozens of prospective families.

The litter just born should look every bit as nice as those pictured, from a previous litter.


These puppies will be $2100 (the $400 deposit plus $1700 when you get your puppy the week before Christmas).

Within hours of making the announcement, all but one of the pups were already spoken for. We are trying to update this list as they are spoken for, but even though we have not yet emailed our entire list of those wanting puppies, we’ve still been flooded with emails and calls of interested families. 

Red Female: Spoken for (B.A.F.)

Apricot Female: Spoken for (J.S.V.)

Apricot Female: Spoken for (K.L.C.)

Caramel Female: Spoken for (C.K.R.)

Caramel/Cream Female: Spoken for (J.K.N.)

Apricot Male: Spoken for (T.J.F.)

Apricot Male: Spoken for (M.R.Z.)

Apricot Male: Spoken for (C.R.)

Apricot Male: Spoken for (J.C.R.)

Read elsewhere on to find out about all the “extras” that come with each puppy.

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