Doodle Process and Doodle Pricing

How to Get a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Springerdoodle Puppy from Crockett Doodles

Doodle pricing: $1,000 Base price for f1b Goldendoodle, f1 English cream Goldendoodle, f1b Labradoodle, or f1 Springerdoodle

$100 Additional for female

$200 Additional for Traditional Mini size (25-40 lbs); $400 additional for Petite Mini size (10-25 lbs) [Smaller moms have much smaller litters; therefore, the extra charge]

$200 Additional for beautiful wavy or curly coat

$200 Additional for a puppy during the Christmas season (going home in Dec. or 1st week of Jan.)

Color Charges


Our Springerdoodle puppies are almost always parti-colored (multi colored).


3 week old Goldendoodle puppies

Doodle Puppy Discounts:

$100 discount for military, veterans, police, firefighters, EMTs, pastors, teachers, and home school parents

$100 discount for anyone who was referred by another family who adopted a puppy from us

$200 discount for friends and family.


red mini Goldendoodle

Brief History:

As our Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Springerdoodle puppies have become among the most popular and desirable puppies in the Southeast, it has become increasingly more difficult for families to get a doodle puppy from,, or Until a few years ago we have not had waiting lists because we did not want to take deposits before a puppy was born.

Our previous process was to take email addresses of those who were interested in our puppies. A few weeks after the puppies were born, we would post pictures, and send an email announcement to a few hundred families who were interested in our litter of doodle puppies that year.

Within hours of the email announcement, all the puppies would have deposits placed on them.


black mini goldendoodle puppy with girl

Here are examples of a couple of those previous announcements:


Greater Puppy Availability

Although we have one Goldendoodle, one Labradoodle, and one Springer in our home, we have been working to place top quality dogs in guardian homes. Our guardian homes are personal friends with beautiful homes and loving families who agree with our breeding philosophy.

Any puppy from a guardian home comes with the exact same benefits as a puppy born to our personal pet Goldendoodle (Nana), pet Labradoodle (Cutie), or pet Springerdoodle (Fern). Puppies from the guardian homes have the exact same health guarantee, supplies, etc.

As we have placed top quality dogs in guardian homes it has allowed us to have greater availability of puppies.

For 2017 we are anticipating three litters of medium Goldendoodles, two litters of standard Goldendoodles, five litters of petite Goldendoodles, four litters of traditional mini Goldendoodles, three litters of medium/standard Labradoodles (chocolates and reds), two litters of petite Labradoodles, one litter of mini Labradoodles, and three litters of Springerdoodles (2 mini/1 medium). The dogs in our guardian homes are first of all pets, and although we share ownership of the dogs, we work together with the guardian home to determine what timing of litters is best for the health of the mother.

We selected top quality dogs with excellent health and disposition that have a variety of colors.

For Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles, we specialize in chocolate and red (although we sometimes have parti-colored, black, white, silver, or apricot Labradoodle puppies born). For Goldendoodles we have a broader range of colors (red, English cream, parti-colored, apricot, caramel, black, and white are common Goldendoodle puppy colors for us). See for pictures of the multi-colored Springerdoodle puppy options.


Springerdoodle puppy

Springerdoodles are a great choice for people wanting a wonderful puppy with multiple colors.


Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Springerdoodle Sizes

Standard Doodles55-100 pounds full grown

Medium Doodles: 40-55 pounds full grown

Traditional Mini Doodles: 25-40 pounds full grown (Traditional minis are approximately half the size of a standard doodle. When Goldendoodle breeders first introduced “minis” we sought to get them to 40 pounds or less and considered them “mini” because they were half the size of standards).

Petite Mini Doodles: 8-25 pounds full grown (Petite minis, sometimes called micro, are even smaller than traditional minis and are bred down in size through multigenerational F1bs).

Based on the parents, we will let you know if a litter is expected to be 8-15 pounds full grown, 13-17 pounds full grown, 19-25 full grown, etc. We realize 8-25 pounds is a fairly broad range. For instance we have multigenerational doodle parents in a guardian home who are 15 pounds and 8 pounds. Their litters will average 11-13 pounds full grown and be considered petite, but another home has a 19 pound mini Goldendoodle dad and 22 pound mini Goldendoodle mom. Their litters will probably average 17-24 pounds full grown, but still fall in our petite Goldendoodle category. When you decide yes/no on a given litter you will have a very good estimate of final size.

When we announce each litter we will announce the expected size of the puppies based on several factors (parents’ size, paw size, size within the litter, and puppy weight calculators).


Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (19)


Our deposit-based waiting list gives you great options and flexibility.

Doodle Adoption 3-step process:

1) Submit the puppy adoption application (electronic form below). We will respond shortly (hopefully within 3-5 days) regarding whether or not we think you would be a good fit (essentially the answer will be yes, no, or wait).

2) If we think you would be a good fit family, you can make a $300 deposit (via the Paypal link below or mail a check). With your deposit you will specify which puppy you are interested in (standard/medium/mini/petite Goldendoodle, standard/medium/mini/petite Labradoodle, Springerdoodle, or some combination–like a mini Goldendoodle or Labradoodle)

*We will accept only the number of applications and deposits that we think we can comfortably provide with quality puppies within a few months. Unlike other breeders, our application is actually an application, not just a formality. Unfortunately, we can only accept deposits from a portion of those who would like to get a pup from us.

3) As puppies are born, we will make an announcement with pictures and details of each puppy. We will email the families on the official deposit waiting list, and you can decide if you are interested in a puppy from that particular litter. Or you can choose to wait for a future litter. You can pass on as many litters as you want. You’re never “locked in” to a particular litter.

*Because only those families who’ve made deposits will receive the announcement, you can actually get a puppy, instead of our previous system of having to compete with a couple hundred families and feeling like you won the lottery if you happened to be checking your email right after we made the announcement.

*If after four months, you still have not found the perfect puppy (maybe you’re waiting on a 25 pound red female mini Goldendoodle, and we did not have that size or that color available), we will happily refund your money, or you can stay on the list for as long as you desire.

The application and $300 deposit let us know that you are serious about getting a puppy from us, and we will do our best to get you the puppy you desire.

If after four months, we have not been able to help you get the exact puppy you are searching for, we will be happy to refund the deposit, or you can continue to wait. 

Our goal is to establish a fair and reasonable method by which we can match best-fit families with each of our puppies. We are certainly not out to steal anyone’s deposit. The deposit lets us know that you are planning to get a puppy from us. If your tastes and preferences are narrow enough that after four months you still do not have your dream puppy from us, we will completely understand if you decide to get your deposit back rather than waiting for the next litter.

two Goldendoodle puppies playing

Sample Goldendoodle Announcement

(a Labradoodle or Springerdoodle Announcement would be very similar)

The puppies pictured below have all found wonderful homes and are not currently available. This is a sample announcement that will give you an idea of the pricing structure, and what you can expect to receive by way of announcements if you are on the deposit waiting list. And yes, there are often three different colors within the same litter.

Goldendoodle Sample Announcement

F1b Standard Goldendoodle Puppies

60-65 pound estimated adult weight

8 weeks old and available to homes May 6

New York City goldendoodle puppy

Carbon: Black male, wavy hair, alpha personality ($1200 – $300 deposit = $900 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $200 for wavy hair]

Sulley-Goldendoodle-puppy (7)


Charleston: Caramel boy, thick straighter hair, mellow personality ($1200 – $300 deposit = $900 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $200 for caramel color]

cream GoldendoodleCharleston-cream-Goldendoodle-puppy (11)

Charlotte: Cream girl, wavy hair, chill personality ($1500- $300 deposit = $1200 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $100 for female + $200 for wavy hair + $200 for cream color]

Dreamy Goldendoodle Puppy best Goldendoodles Puppy

Friendly: Light apricot boy, wavy hair, very affectionate ($1400- $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $200 for wavy hair + $200 for apricot color]

caramel goldendoodle puppy Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (9)Sophie: Caramel girl, wavy hair, very active ($1500 – $300 deposit = $1200 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $100 for female + $200 for wavy hair + $200 for caramel color]

Cutie-f1b-goldendoodle (2) bestGoldendoodlesTucker: caramel boy, wavy hair, loves to cuddle ($1400 – $300 deposit = $1100 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $200 for wavy hair + $200 for caramel color]

white-cream GoldendoodleSavannah: cream girl, curly hair, mellow temperament, as cool as a cucumber ($1500 – $300 deposit = $1200 due at pickup)

[$1000 base price + $100 for female + $200 for curly hair + $200 for cream color]


Puppy Adoption Application

This application is not locking you into anything, it’s just the first step in the process if you are interested in potentially getting one of our puppies.

Full Name:
Street Address:
City, State:

Answering the following questions, will help us realistically assess if we believe your family would be a good match for a future puppy. Thank you for taking your valuable time to help us in this way.

Do you have other pets in your home?
If yes, what kind(s) of animals?
Do you have family members who suffer from dog-related allergies?
Do you have children in your home?
If yes, what are your children's ages?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
If not, do you have other exercise options available?
Preferred Doodle (check all that apply)
Preferred Size (check all that apply)
Preferred Coat Type (check all that apply)
Preferred Color (check all that apply)
Preferred Gender:
Describe your lifestyle:
How active do you want your puppy/dog to be?
Why do you think your home would be a good fit for one of our Doodles?

Paypal Deposit (only if your application was accepted)

Please do not submit a deposit via Paypal unless you’ve already submitted the puppy adoption application, and have received an email that we would like to move forward.

We are not trying to be mean or unreasonable, but we have the application process to be sure that our puppies are matched with best-fit families, and there are many wonderful families who are not quite in a position yet to be a best-fit family.

We typically receive several doodle puppy applications a day, and we want to closely evaluate and study each of them. This is very time-consuming. We will try to respond to your application within approximately 3-5 days letting you know yes, no, or wait.

If we respond that we would like to move forward, then you can submit a Paypal deposit (or a deposit via U.S. mail) if you want to.

Make a $300 Refundable Deposit via Paypal to Crockett Doodles

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