New York City Goldendoodle Puppies

New York City is home to a rare few of our puppy families who are willing to make the trip to our Greenville, SC location to gain a great Goldendoodle or mini Goldendoodle puppy as a new member of the family.

NYC is the most populous city in the U.S. and considered by many to be the heart of America. As I type this paragraph, my wife is actually in New York City on a business trip. The city of New York is known for its rich history, huge harbor, numerous immigrants and no-nonsense citizens. People from all over the world flock to New York City on site-seeing trips or to call the Big Apple home.

New York Goldendoodle enthusiasts

New York City buyers are usually very well educated, upwardly mobile, and well-informed about the Goldendoodle breed. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that New Yorkers who’ve done their homework about Goldendoodles have been willing to make the trip to Upstate South Carolina to get a home-raised Goldendoodle. It is very important for these NYC Goldendoodle homes that they are not getting a Goldendoodle puppy from one of the puppy mills as many of the states close to New York are unfortunately well-known  for their puppy mills (though much has been done to shut them down). The quality of the dog is more important to our NYC families than the price.

Having had family members living in New York City, my family has enjoyed our rare visits to the Big Apple. It would be difficult to find a more energized place than NYC.

I personally enjoy peace and quiet, so I would have a difficult time adjusting the hustle and bustle of New York City, but I am grateful that a few NYC Goldendoodle lovers are willing to make the flight to upstate South Carolina (or pay us to personally deliver the puppy) to get a Goldendoodle puppy from bestGoldendoodles. Our family is confident that New Yorkers will feel it is worth the trip, and some can even combine it with a vacation to this beautiful part of the Southeast. We sincerely appreciate our occasional New York City Goldendoodle families.

New York City goldendoodle puppy

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