Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

December 5, 2016 Announcement

We’re excited to announce a Christmas litter of 8 traditional mini Goldendoodle puppies who were born October 13, 2016, and will be ready to go to their forever homes beginning December 9. Dad is a 37 pound cream poodle, and mom is a chocolate and white parti-colored Goldendoodle (which explains the great variety of color in this litter). On average, we expect the litter to be 35-40 pounds full grown, which is the upper range of our traditional mini size. Because there is a significant size variety within the litter, their are a couple pups we anticipate would be 28-32 pounds full grown, and others that may be closer to 43-47 pounds full grown. We are not going to charge the extra fee for minis, for the three pups that we think may max out over 40 pounds. Looking at their current weights with puppy weight calculators, it predicts the pups ranging from 25-35 pounds, but we think the biggest three will be bigger than that.

This litter is really unusual in that we had several boy/girl pairs who look really similar (Tux & Tiny; Hershey & Savannah; Cooper & Charlotte). As you watch them play, it’s almost hard to believe they’re all from the same litter, but that’s one of the wonderful things about doodles.

As always we attempt to be perfectly fair with litter announcements. We are sending the announcement of this petite Goldendoodle litter to families on the deposit list. If you were not especially wanting a Christmas puppy, we encourage you to wait for another mini Goldendoodle litter, as we have numerous families on the deposit list who are very much hoping to get a puppy in the month of December (especially some of the deposit list families with little kids). If your family is completely ok with a puppy any time of year, you may want to consider passing on this particular litter, so other families could get a Christmas season puppy. This is a great benefit of our flexible deposit system, that nobody is locked into any specific litter.

It’s nearly impossible to make everybody happy all of the time, but we try.

Traditional Mini Goldendoodle Boys

Tux, the traditional mini Goldendoodle boy.

Tux is a sweet black boy with white on his chin and chest. Although we can never say for sure, Tux looks currently like he will max out at 30-35 pounds, when he is full grown.


black mini Goldendoodle boy






Tux’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $100 special markings + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy/curly coat = $1700 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1400 due on pickup day.


Hershey, the mini Goldendoodle boy

We typically have chocolate Goldendoodles only once every year or two, so we were thrilled to have a couple chocolates in this litter. We have a chocolate Labradoodle, so we are used to having chocolate Labradoodle puppies, but chocolate Goldendoodles are much more rare. Hershey is a great little pup.







chocolate Goldendoodle


Hershey’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $300 chocolate color + $100 special markings + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy/curly coat = $2,000 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,700 due on pickup day.


Cooper, the traditional mini Goldendoodle boy

Cooper is a sweet dog with a blonde colored coat that seems to get wavier each day.










Cooper’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $200 blonde/cream color + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy/curly coat = $1,8000 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,500 due on pickup day.


Carbon, the traditional mini/medium Goldendoodle

Carbon is one of the bigger pups in this litter. Although his markings are very similar to Tux, he is about 20% bigger. If you compare the pictures of each of them sitting by the pumpkin, you can see the size difference. We expect Carbon will be 38-45 pounds full grown, so will not be charging the full $200 extra for mini.





black goldendoodle

Carbon’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $100 mini/medium + $100 special markings + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy/curly coat = $1,600 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,300 due on pickup day.


Traditional Mini Goldendoodle Girls

Charlotte, the traditional mini Goldendoodle Girl

Charlotte looks a lot like Cooper. They seem like twins and get along famously. She is a cream/light apricot blend as far as color. Based on her current size we would guess that Charlotte would be about 37-40 pounds full grown.





Charlotte’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $200 apricot/cream color + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy coat + $100 female= $1,900 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,600 due on pickup day.


Savannah mini chocolate Goldendoodle

Savannah looks like Hershey’s twin, though the white patch on her chest is not quite as long. She will be a wonderful family member for one lucky family.


chocolate Goldendoodle





Savannah’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $300 chocolate color + $100 special markings + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy coat + $100 female = $2,100 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,800 due on pickup day.


Sweetie, the cream Goldendoodle

Sweetie has a tremendous personality that can melt your heart. She is the largest of the litter, and we anticipate that she will be 40-50 pounds full grown, so we’re not charging any extra for being a traditional mini. We think she might end up outweighing her parents, though her paws are not too huge. She is definitely a favorite of children and loves to be loved on. Her coat is fairly straight right now. We’ve seen many pups with straight coats like this that get a beautiful wave as they get older (particularly since she is a f1b); however, we would not recommend Sweetie for a family with extreme allergies as we think she could shed a little as an adult. Typically the curlier the coat, the less chance of shedding. She definitely has more of the Golden Retriever look, and will likely be a striking adult dog (that hopefully will shed minimally or not at all).





Sweetie’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 cream color + $200 Christmas + $100 female= $1,500 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1,200 due on pickup day.


Tiny, the mini Goldendoodle girl

Tiny, is a little ball of spunky-ness; she’s the smallest in the litter, but has a huge heart. She also has the most destinctive markings on her chest/chin/back paws. She is good friends with Tux, and they are partners in crime. But she does have more white markings and is a bit smaller than Tux.









black mini Goldendoodle


Tiny’s adoption fee: $1,000 base + $200 traditional mini + $200 large special markings + $200 Christmas + $200 wavy/curly coat + $100 female = $1900 total (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due on pickup day.

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