Our Promise to Celebrity Goldendoodle families

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1-We promise to protect your privacy.

If you’re a well-known celebrity, we understand that you value privacy above almost everything else. Whether you’re a professional athlete, well-known singer, Hollywood actor, TV personality, political leader, or even a high-powered CEO, we promise that we will tightly guard your identity and protect your privacy.

We do not mention names of our those with whom we place our Goldendoodle and mini Goldendoodle puppies, and we will not name-drop in an attempt to make our puppies more desirable. We recognize that you probably will not want our normal photo shoot, and we can guarantee no cameras on the premises during your visit. We live in a very private location.

2-We promise to treat you fairly.

We treat celebrity families exactly as we would any other family desiring a Goldendoodle puppy. You will not be moved to the top of the waiting list, and we will not change our adoption process at all. We will ask you some basic questions to be sure you will provide a loving home for your new Goldendoodle or mini Goldendoodle.

3-We promise to never ship puppies.

Shipping puppies is absolutely against our philosophy. We are well aware that many celebrity clients live on the West Coast or Northeast United States. If you desire to get a puppy from us you are welcomed to fly to our location or send an authorized representative to pick up the puppy, but we will not ship puppies. Or we may hand-deliver the puppy. We think you understand that shipping a puppy (in any kind of container) across the United States, is not an ideal beginning to the socialization period. When we began BestGoldendoodles.com, we never planned on celebrity clients because of our location in the Southeast, but you are welcomed to come this way if you desire one of our puppies and are able to get on the waiting list.

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