Caramel Goldendoodle Puppies

Caramel Goldendoodle puppies and caramel mini Goldendoodle puppies are not quite as dark as apricot Goldendoodles and certainly not as dark as red Goldendoodle puppies. It is more likely that a caramel Goldendoodle will fade in time than a red Goldendoodle. Some people who want a lighter colored dog, but are afraid that white will show too much dirt are drawn to the caramel colored Goldendoodles.

At bestGoldendoodles, we perceive a color scale that goes from white Goldendoodles to cream Goldendoodles to caramel (gold) Goldendoodles to apricot Goldendoodles to red Goldendoodles.

Pictures of previous Caramel Goldendoodle Puppies

Gorgeous Goldendoodle Face apricot goldendoodle with Shepherd Crockett Sulley-Goldendoodle-puppy (8) Sulley-Goldendoodle-puppy (7) Sulley-Goldendoodle-puppy (2) Sadie-best-Goldendoodles (14) Sadie-best-Goldendoodles (3) Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (15) Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (13) Cutie-apricot-goldendoodle-puppy (12) bestGoldendoodles

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