Available f1b mini Goldendoodles

We have a litter of f1b mini Goldendoodles that is available for pick up Saturday, 8/15/2015.

We anticipate they will be 22-29 pounds full grown. They are all very healthy, love playing around, and are very well socialized.



Kirby (pictured above) is a sweetheart; He’s a blonde f1b mini Goldendoodle, who will make someone a loyal companion for many, many years. His size is middle of the pack for this litter, and we guess he will max out at 26-27 pounds full grown.

Kirby’s Fee: $1700 – $300 deposit already paid = $1400 due on pick up day.


Charlotte and Rudy


Charlotte (pictured on the left above) is a wavy coated cream/caramel Goldendoodle. She has a beautiful wavy coat, a friendly personality, and should be about 24 pounds full grown. Charlotte was the only girl in this litter of six.

Charlotte’s Fee: $1800 – $300 deposit already paid = $1500 due on pick up day.

Charlotte’s best friend, Rudy, (pictured on the right above), has a beautiful red coat and a winsome personality; he is friendly and energetic, but also loves to cuddle.

Rudy’s Fee: $1800 – $300 deposit already paid = $1500 due on pick up day.




Charleston (pictured above) is an active caramel mini Goldendoodle pup with a wavy coat. He loves to follow people around everywhere. Each of the pups have beautiful coats that are getting thicker and wavier almost daily. The apple and the ruler next to Charleston give you an idea of his current size.

Charleston’s Fee: $1700 – $300 deposit already paid = $1400 due on pick up day.





Red is a tremendous red pup with some cream on his chest. He loves to cuddle, but can also be quite spunky. Red should be about 28-30 pounds full grown and has a wavy coat (not yet curly). I’ve shown two pictures of red, as the lighting makes his coat look different.

Red’s Fee: $1800 – $300 deposit already paid = $1500 due on pick up day.



Tiny is a sweet cuddler (pictured above). He’s really not much smaller than the rest of the group (maybe a half pound), but the name seemed to stick. He’s a blonde that will probably fade with time to more of a cream (with blonde streaks and caramel ears).

Tiny’s Fee: $1700 – $300 deposit already paid = $1400 due on pick up day.



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