Goldendoodle Puppies Available

Announcement Posted 3/6/2016


Nana and Indy had seven beautiful pups born January 25, 2016. We expect the litter to be 45-55 pounds full grown. The males will probably be closer to 55 and the females to 45.

Nana has been the perfect mom. The pups have been raised in our home with loving care. We’ve enjoyed playing with them; letting our kids (very carefully) hold them, and watching their personalities develop.

I have a 5-year-old son (Shepherd), 3-year-old daughter (LilyAnne), and son Christian (who turned 2 years old on Friday). Christian absolutely loves the puppies. He would hold them and give them hugs all day long if I’d let him.

Yesterday, I took the puppies outside and Christian really enjoyed playing with each of them as I took the pictures. There are three boys in the litter and four girls.

Each of these pups are $100 more than our normal pricing because they are raised in our home (instead of one of our guardian homes), and because of their champion bloodlines.

The other factors contributing to their price are $100 more for a female than male; red (or special markings) are $100 more than apricot, caramel or cream.


Friendly (1st Boy)

Friendly lives up to his name; tail always wagging. He has quite a bit of playful energy, and loves playing with the kids. He is the second largest of the litter. Friendly’s adoption fee: $1500 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1200 balance)

Friendly-Goldendoodle-puppy (3)

Friendly-Goldendoodle-puppy (1) Friendly-Goldendoodle-puppy (2)
Friendly-Goldendoodle-puppy (4)

Bubba (2nd Boy)

Bubba is the largest of the litter, and he is the gentle giant. He’s a cuddler and  loves being with his mom. Once he warms up he’s friendly, but he’s less likely to jump up on the kids wanting attention. Bubba’s adoption fee: $1500 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1200 balance)


Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Bubba (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Bubba (2) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Bubba (3) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Bubba (4)

Curly (3rd Boy)

Curly is already quite curly (they all get wavier and curlier as they get older) and has a beautiful red coat. He also has a wonderful personality and temperament. Curly’s adoption fee: $1600 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1300 balance)


Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Curly (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Curly (2) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Curly (3) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Curly (4)


Sweetie (1st Girl)

Sweetie is very affectionate and loving; she’s friendly (the whole litter is friendly) and her tail is always wagging. She kept getting on and off Christian’s lap when I was taking the pictures. She would want to run over to me, play with me, then run back to Christian and play with him.

Sweetie’s adoption fee: $1600 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1300 balance)

Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Sweetie (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Sweetie (2) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Sweetie (3) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Sweetie (4)


Creamy (2nd Girl)

Creamy is the lightest colored of the litter and also the smallest. She’s not as outgoing as some of her littermates, but she’s a great cuddler, and would be good for someone looking for a pup with less energy.

Creamy’s adoption fee: $1600 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1300 balance)

Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Creamy (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Creamy (2)

Cuddles (3rd Girl)

Cuddles looks like Sweetie’s twin. Cuddles is also very friendly, but prefers being on your lap; whereas Sweetie is a bit quicker to want to explore then come back to your lap (and repeat). Christian would have enjoyed holding Cuddles all day. When we would take one of the puppy’s back in the house, Christian would get all excited as we picked out the next puppy to play with and take pictures. He would start clapping and saying “hug–puppy, hug-puppy”

Cuddles’ adoption fee: $1600 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1300 balance)

Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Cuddles (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Cuddles (2) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Cuddles (3) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Cuddles (4)

Starla (4th Girl)

Starla is a fantastic girl. She has an unusual cream marking (almost like a star) on the top of her head and her ears (it doesn’t show up well in the pictures). It may fade as she gets older, but right now it sets her apart. Her personality is also terrific. Along with Creamy, she’s one of the smallest in the litter.

Starla’s adoption fee: $1700 (minus $300 deposit already paid = $1300 balance)

Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Starla (1) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Starla (2) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Starla (3) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Starla (4) Best-Goldendoodle-puppy-Starla (5)

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